May 7, 2009

DIY Stick It To The Man

OR Rise Ye, Children of the Revolution

Feeling a little antsy, like you want to up the ante.

Me too.

Here’s Dinky DIYs Guide to Sticking to The Man.

Brush up on your constitutional law and secede. In 1969, after a running dispute with the Western Australian government about wheat quotas, Leonard Casey stuck his proverbial middle finger up at the bureaucratic bullies and seceded from Australia. He created the Principality of Hutt River and crowned himself Prince and his wife, Her Serene Highness Princess Shirley. Just 500 odd kms from the city of Perth, with its Hutt River Dollar and motto Dum Spiro Spero ("while I breathe, I hope") it is an oddity of Australiana and the country’s only micro-nation.

Tune in, turn on, drop out. So you think you have what it takes to be a counter-cultural revolutionary, man. Groovy. .. but you’re too late. This war was started before you were out of your pampers, friend. So, step away from the cheesecloth, put down the acid tab and get with the program. I’m talking cyberdelics ("turn on, boot up, jack in") and the Hacker Ethic. Don’t shirk and squirm, you media manipulated mortal, hackers are not only evil guys who work for the Chinese government, they are bohemians fighting the good fight. This is about freedom of speech, information and lifestyle. In which the real revenge of the nerds begins....

Incite Terrorism. Only kidding, I’m just a wannabe radical trying to catch the attention of the censorship bugs. Terrorism is evil, kids. It makes Americans wee themselves with fear and start irrationally bombing countries nobody has ever heard of before.Besides, everyone else is doing it, resist the mainstream.

Author a pamphlet. What a dull suggestion, you say? Carefacter: 0 If you fricken knew anything, you would know this is how all the important anarchists and envelope pushers got it done.

Martin Luther, Jonathon Swift, Karl Marx, Lewis Carroll, Adolf Hitler, Leo Tolstoy... you would be among controversial friends.

They all got articulate and printed up nifty little pamphlets pushing brilliant new thoughts, crazy musings or theories that rocked the sleepy establishment.

Build some Killa Skillz: And you thought you were managing survival just fine, right? Well, do you know how to score a sneaky second passport? How to keep your money safe from an asset freezing crisis or how to make cheese or how to get out of a car boot if you find yourself at the mercy of kidnappers? Hell, do you even know how to make a snare? The rumblings of this revolution are all over the WWW, people are arming up, stocking up and building some serious skills in preparedness for whatever cataclysmic disaster may face our fragile planet in the future. Time to tap into the inner James Bond cum McGuiver and go Mad Max on this world.

Find a man and stick something to him. Be it by sticky tape, super glue or stapling, if you have no causes to bear, no forces to fight but by golly you want to make a statement, then find thee a man and stick it to him. It might make you feel better. Of course I take no responsibility for the consequences.

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