May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day from Dinky DIY

Mothers mothers mothers!
One of life's precious bothers.
But take them apart,
And you'll find they're all heart,
Yes, we lovers the mothers the mothers.

No smothers from some mothers, no smothers.
Then, can't get them off! Some others.
Calls three times a day
"Just saying, g'day..."
What duffers, those mothers, dear mothers.

Some folk have MILF mothers for mothers.
I daresay those folk mainly suffers.
Oh what a stir,
All eyes on her!
Imagining her under their covers.

Some folk have it rougher than others.
Hundreds of sisters and brothers!
But each gets his share,
Mother takes care.
Great huggers, are mothers, great huggers.

But, I tell you if I have my druthers,
Well I wouldn't want anothers'.
She's handful enough,
Though she does make me laugh.
I quite like her, ol' mother, me mothers.


  1. In motion my dear, poetry in motion!

  2. Did you write that babe? Its fabulous!

  3. haha, just a little mum tribute. not exactly shakespeare.