July 4, 2009

Not Like Old Times

Things have changed around this place,

The whole world`s turned a little poker faced

And the Dow Jones, well it leaves bad taste… these days.

Good times gone in a St Elmos fire,

Subprime for sale, but nobody`s a buyer,

I used to like banking but I think I need a new car-aeyer…in some ways.

But, uPon-zie my word! I`ll take my hat off,

To the pyramid dreams of Bernie Madoff.

Okay, he was a bit of a gazumper

But credit, please, what style, what chutzpah!

Well I suppose all good things must come to an end.

But, oh, it was just starting to feel like the 80s again.

No more tweets from my peeps on this Blackberry mine,

If you have a job you`re working overtime,

All work no play, bah! It`s a crime… but it pays.

No first class, no catering, no none of that,

And just when the coke lines were getting fat,

The prices shot up, now we`re chewing khat… these days.

Folks are looking shaky, the word is depression,

How can you self medicate in such a recession?

Losing minds, losing jobs and all losing houses,

It`s then when those louses go back to their spouses.

Marilyn told Madonna and she said it, my friend,

It was just strating to feel like the good times again.

I voted Democrats but now, oh mama,

He`s sure in the snake pit, Mr Obama.

Nigga puhleese, China bought Hummer!? ...so they says.

Didn`t they give us all a scare,

Those weapons of mass destruction that seem not be there?

It`s a lot of pressure for North Korea to bare… in some ways.

They say Osama`s dead, but show us the stiff,

Ice caps are melting but warming`s a myth.

Guantanamo`s closing and Iraq`s over, phew

And we`re all stocked up on Tamiflu!

It`s hard to know if things are up or down,

With all the spam thats going around.

Think twice next time before you hit send,

Ah, if only it was like in the 90s again.

Yep, we`re saving our pennies but how we want to spend,

Guess history repeats itself again and again.

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